CJA is built on optimization and efficiency.

Every CJA approach and methodology has been systemically designed to define and implement scalable, actionable strategies using the right people, processes and technology. Whether you need strategic guidance for the long-term growth, additional resources to implement a program or insight and support for CRM systems, CJA delivers a people-focused, tailored approach with the determination to take your organization to the next level.

Small businesses stimulate the U.S. economy. First and foremost, CJA is dedicated to growing businesses to create more jobs, increase community investment and ultimately improve people’s lives.

The smallest details matter. Designing processes to fully meet requirements with the fewest number of steps, clicks or emails is a priority on every project.


Past work and effort is always valued. CJA focuses on leveraging existing progress with a commitment to monitoring, analyzing and improving on what has been implemented.

Everyone in the client’s company is a priority. CJA strives to increase employee job satisfaction while meeting the client management team expectations.

Finding “just right” solutions that anticipate our client’s business growth and development is a primary objective, no matter the size of the project.

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