CRM Selection and Implementation

Deploying a CRM can be daunting, especially with limited resources. Whether beginning to define requirements and narrow down CRM software options, ready to implement or looking for ways to better leverage your existing CRM, CJA provides a turn-key approach through a complete CRM implementation with strong project management.

Experts in the realm of CRMs, CJA is your insurance to mitigate the risk of a failed CRM implementation.

CJA can provide a turn-key approach to any CRM project or provide the expertise and resources only in the areas you need it.  

A Few CRM Benefits:

  • Capture real-time customer purchase history and behavior to respond quickly
  • Run sales and marketing performance reporting to know what is working and what isn’t
  • Enable sales personnel to focus on selling instead of administrative tasks
  • Mitigate risks in the event of employee turnover
  • Improve employee job satisfaction with tools and processes designed for success
  • Leverage automation and system integretion to minimize work across the organziation
  • Increased Customer Service and Account Management
  • Tie in sales and marketing for optimal efficiencies and real-time intelligence

Our Services Include:

  • CRM Strategic Planning
  • CRM Design and Gap Analysis
  • CRM Optimization
  • Business Requirements Definition
  • Process Definition and Improvement
  • System Integrations
  • Marketing Campaign Optimization
  • CRM Customization
  • Data cleaning and migration
  • Data integrity Montioring 
  • Workflow automation
  • Reports and analytics Building
  • Data Quality and Acceptance Testing
  • Admin and End-Users Training
  • and Much More…


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